Let’s Help Houston, Sunday, September 17, Noon – 5 pm

1 Posted by - September 5, 2017 - Crochet, Knitting

Harvey was and still is a nightmare.  I, like everyone else, watched with horror as the rains kept coming and the rescues mounted, and now we are still learning the terrible aftermath.  My nephew and his family live in a western suburb of Houston.  They were lucky.  Their house, their kids, and their pets are all safe.  They, like others who were fortunate, spent the week that they couldn’t go to work volunteering at local shelters and ferrying donations and supplies where they were needed. Life there won’t be normal for a long time.

Anything we as knitters or crocheters can do?  Houston doesn’t need warm hats and socks and mittens and blankets.  The agencies that are helping people and pets need money, period.  I know most of us have probably sent something already, but I just had a notion that maybe we’d like to have a little get-together at the shop and everyone can throw in $10 (more if you want) and we’ll knit or crochet the afternoon away and send good thoughts to Texas while being grateful for our good fortune.

All donations will be split evenly between American Red Cross’s Houston fund, the Houston Humane Society and the Houston SPCA.  You can tape a note to your $10 bill if you want it to go one way or the other. I know there are many naysayers when it comes to the American Red Cross, but what other organization could launch this kind of massive effort to feed and shelter thousands in the matter of a few days?

So let’s do this!  Come anytime between noon and 5 on Sunday, September 17, and stay as long as you want. Bring $10 in cash and a project to work on, and if you want to bring any nibbles, please do!  We’ll have tea, coffee, water, and some variety of wine available.

Spread the word, bring a friend, everyone is welcome!