Since I’m busily working on the next class schedule, I’m going to take the easy way out on this post and show you some of our wonderful customers’ finished projects.  These things always thrill me!

Janice Bieber always looks so smart when she comes into the shop, and I’m always ambushing her with my camera.  She takes it with good grace!  This is her Crosshatch Shawl:

and this is her Easy Folded Poncho with a wonderful lightly-contrasting stripe, which adds a spark to the simple design, as well as a flattering diagonal line.


Marci Frey made this Bounce baby blanket in wonderful colors.  Cutest thing ever, and the new mom sent her a very sweet picture of the sleepy baby wrapped up in it.


Jane Brubaker finished her Simple Tee just in time to wear it once or twice before the cold weather moved in.  Beautifully accessorized, as usual!


David Ritz made this intricate sweater, which I love!  I’m sure he used size zero needles.  It’s beautiful, yes?

And this is his Yarn Gallery Afghan, pre-blocking and seaming.  I love it in black and white.  He did it so fast and sent me feedback on typos and other errors, which saved my class lots of headaches.  Thanks, David, you are the best!


Marianne Summers knit this Hitofude sweater in no time flat, having fallen in love with this pretty color way of Alegria.  I love the colors on her, don’t you?


Rochelle Mann made these lovely, warm hats for a charity auction, each taking one ball of Encore Dynamo.


Linda Seifarth has been knitting these fabulous doubled headbands for her grand-daughters (and all their friends, I think!)  So warm and soft in various merino wools.


And Sue Marshall made and modeled these Cloud Nine  Slippers, from our class this fall.  They fit her perfectly, and there may be some more on her needles for her gift list.

How is your gift list coming??  Mine is slow-going, but the sweater I’m making for my niece is almost done, just the turtleneck to knit, so things will be moving more quickly soon!

It’s a dreary, smeary old Tuesday morning and all I want to do is knit and listen to an audio book and possibly take a nap without having to bestir myself to do one other thing.  But I’ve got to run around and do errands galore so I’ll make this a quick post this week, especially since I have almost no knitting to show you.  I’ve been working on my niece’s sweater and it has been slow going because I’m designing as I go (which means ripping when things are not what I thought they’d be) and also trying to be sure it will fit her, without her being here (which means ripping when the sleeves are too short or whatever).  She’s a bit taller and quite a bit slimmer than I am, so I’m estimating using myself and hoping it will be just what she wants.  Maybe I’ll have something more complete to show next week; I’m working on the dreaded sleeves now, which I do before the body because I hate them.  I do quite like the ribbing I chose for cuffs, turtleneck, and hem though.  It’s called Little Shell Rib from Barbara Walker’s  A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

It’s deeply textured and will keep her pulse points nice and warm.

I saw my first sales rep for spring yesterday.  I told myself to be extremely disciplined and not to place orders until I had seen other lines – and frankly, people, it didn’t happen!  I loved so many things, it was agony to try to keep myself and my budget under control – I’m pretty sure I busted right through the limit I set.  Here’s a couple of samples he left for me to mess around with:

One is a hand-dyed sport weight merino in speckles and the other is a new Noro in cotton/silk/nylon/viscose that feels wonderful and comes in amazing colors.  Ohhh, March seems a long way away now…

Here is a very sweet picture of Purl and Jack taken by a customer who has spaniels of her own:

Good doggies!!!



I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  I had a wonderful week off, interrupted by our little Small Business Saturday sale, and thanks to everyone who came!  I’m very happy to announce that the winners of our Advent Calendars were Donna Hain and Janet Kakareka, both of whom will have a lot of fun opening those little doors next month, and figuring out things to do with all their little mini-skeins.  Next year there will be one with my name on it!

I visited my sister and came home with 4 knitting commissions! She wants another lightweight cowl like the one I made her last year, only in a different color.  This is the pattern I used, the Ocean Waves Loop from Swans Island Company:

According to my sister (and Chinese acupuncture), keeping the back of your neck warm is crucial to keeping your body warm and will protect you from colds and other winter ills! And as I sit here at my computer on this chilly morning with a throw over my shoulders like an old lady, I can attest to feeling much warmer with it covering the back of my neck.  I can also attest to the fact that if I switched out the throw for a beautiful infinity scarf, I would look much more stylish and much less like a haggard old crone.

The other requests came from my niece, mother of Maxwell the Great (Nephew), who, by the way, is the cutest little guy ever and is in constant motion and thoroughly in love with trucks and heavy machinery of any kind.  He needs a sweater, perhaps with a truck on it!  She needs another pair of socks, and would love a simple navy turtleneck in a warm soft fabric, which she is having a hard time finding in the stores.

How much do I love being asked for knitted things?!!  I absolutely love it.  I enjoy knitting no matter what, and I’m lucky that I can do so much of it because the demands of the store are never-ending, but it’s really special when someone you love asks you for something.  I found the most beautiful navy yarn in my stash, 80% merino and 20% cashmere, and have made a beginning on her sweater.

I’m using Laura Aylor’s Burn for the numbers and basic construction, but will change the style quite a bit to add a full fold-over turtleneck, full-length sleeves, deep ribbing at the cuffs and bottom, and more ease overall.

We’re adding a class on Sunday, December 10 from 1 – 4 p.m. , $35 class fee, to make the Last-Minute Mittlets in luscious Cashmere Light.  One $28 ball of yarn makes a pair of the softest, warmest fingerless mitts you’ve ever worn! You’ll need the yarn, size 10 or 10.5 double points, some markers and the pattern (from us or from Ravelry).

I have more to talk about but I have to catch up with everything I didn’t do when I was lounging about last week.  I believe there are about 400 emails waiting for me to delete, plus somewhere around 400 errands to run today.  I must get on – see you soon!





I was thinking of Steve Martin in “LA Story” when I wrote that title.  He’s sitting in his apartment, writing those words backwards on a fogged-up window.  I’m making myself a plain top-down sweater in a neutral color of Encore Tweed and it is seriously boring knitting.  This is the kind of knitting done in the olden days when knitting was basic and necessary, instead of a creative pastime.

Yuh, you see what I mean. So then, why?  I need a work-horse sweater that is warm-ish, will fit under a jacket when I walk the dogs every morning, and go in the washer and dryer with no fuss.  It can’t be too bulky or too long or in any nice natural fiber that takes any amount of special handling. And even though Encore is basic and inexpensive, it’s still about 10 times nicer than the cr*p you can find in the stores.  So I’m persevering and it’s okay because it will be exactly what I need when it’s done.

But let’s see some color, because when I’m done with this, I’m going to want something completely yummy to work with!  We received some Victory Sock from The Knitted Wit, just a smattering to see what her dyeing is like.  The base is a sturdy 80/20 wool/nylon blend, so just perfect for socks, and it’s grown, spun and dyed in the US, isn’t that nice?  It would also make long-wearing mittens or fingerless mitts, a good hat that would hold its shape, and could be combined with many things for shawls and cowls.  I bought very bright colorways:

One-skein project ideas:  Close to You, Rose City RollersSunnyside, Sockhead Slouch Hat – all free on Ravelry!  (By the way, it costs $1.50 for us to print these patterns and put them in a plastic sleeve for you if you’re not Ravelry-friendly, going up to $2.00 in the new year according to my business manager. So, get Ravelry-friendly already!)

Combining could be a good idea for anything more than a one-skein project.  These combos leapt off the shelves at me:

and there are many more, to make Breezy Cabana, Party on My Needles, Klickitat Street Cowl, a fab baby blanket, and many other wonderful things that will be so much fun to make.  I’ll just keep thinking of possibilities while I knit away on my boring beige thing.

Look at the sweet fingerless mitts that Deb Cech made out of one ball of Lang Nova:

She adapted these from Tin Can Knits’ Loch pattern, which includes full mittens and a great hat. Love them, so soft, light, and warm!

We have a lot of great colors in Nova.  I’m determined to have at least a hat and maybe even a sweater this winter!



What is this????

This is an Advent calendar from Opal Yarn and I have 2 to raffle off on Small Business Saturday!! (This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in case you didn’t know.)  We’re having a little sale, and for every $50 you spend that day, you’ll get a ticket to win one of these 24-days-of-surprises treasures!  These sell out so fast that I could only get two, and it was really hard for me to commit both to the raffle because I want one just for me!


Save the Date:  November 25!!


I love it when the time changes in the fall.  Everything falls back into place.  I can wake up to daylight, watch twilight fall in the late afternoon and eat dinner after dark, all of which seem right to my biological clock.  Plus we get that hour back that was plucked from our lives by Daylight Savings Time.  How did you spend yours?

I have promised myself to use that hour cleaning some of the clutter that is beginning to accumulate in piles around me.  There’s a pile of catalogs at the front door, a pile of pantry items that all of a sudden seem to have found a home on my kitchen table, and my desk must either be sorted out or burnt to the ground.  (I’m favoring the latter, if I could only find some matches!) Plus errands are piling up – things to be mailed, things to be recycled, things to be hunted and gathered.  None of which I want to do.

I want to knit and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Easy things that take little thought, that can easily be put down when something else comes up, that can be taken with me and worked on without instructions.  I made a simple hat with the fuzzy Andean Mist I showed you last week:

I based it on the Brunswick Beanie, a free Ravelry pattern from Sue Grandfield, but changed to stockinette stitch after about 3″ of k1, p1 ribbing.  It was enough already.  Turned out cute, and you can wear it slouchy or not:

The very soft yarn would also make a great chemo cap.

I made this very pretty scarf from 2 balls of Millefiori from Berroco (these are the new colors this year):

with our free Chevron Scarf pattern.  I love the way it turned out and the pattern is just interesting enough to keep you awake:

And I have just embarked on a Railroad Rib scarf (also free pattern with purchase) using a strand of plain fingering with a strand of Zauberball (new colors just in:)

I’m using these two colors:

And these are some other ideas:

and there are only about 1,000 more!

Come in and choose your combo.  You’ve got that extra hour to browse and play!