Playing with Color`

1 Posted by - August 28, 2017 - Cowls, Knitting, New Yarns

As you can tell from my last post, I love playing with color, and having the shop gives me so much opportunity to indulge that love.  When I’m not busy, I can spend many happy moments (minutes, hours) pulling yarns off the shelf and putting different colors and textures together.  They may never be anything more than speculative, but this little activity gives me the same pleasure as planning a decorating scheme or mapping out a quilt gives other people.

So, when a new yarn comes in with innovative use of color, it opens up many possibilities, and I find that trying to resist this time-wasting and purely pleasurable activity is useless. I must play!

We recently received Frabjous Fibers’ March Hare (lovely worsted weight superwash merino) dyed in their Tea Time speckled colorways:

They’re pretty in and of themselves, no?  But combine them with other yarns and they really come into their own:




I love how different companion colors bring out different aspects of the March Hare.  I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I ordered some extra of the Peach Pie colorway so I decided to use that for a little shop sample.  I had these three colors chosen:

(and then I had three other colors, then three others, and on and on) but eventually, due to some time constraints, decided to use only 2 colors and make a smallish project. I have always liked the look of this cute Candygram cowl by Tanis Lavallee, which uses two colors and a neat slip stitch-plus-rib technique to make two different sides. Here’s my version:

Love it! You can get the pattern free from her Instagram feed link on Ravelry, and if this is too technical for you, I can help you out at the shop.

I really have been busy with knitting this summer.  Next time I’ll show you a terrific cardigan I finished, and possibly one or two finished Pearl pullovers from our class and, I hope, my second (!) Pearl.  And yes, we’re working on the class schedule for fall – I’m getting pretty excited about it.