Catching Up

1 Posted by - October 24, 2017 - Knitting, New Projects, Shawls, Sweaters

Sometimes I don’t know where the days go!  It’s nearly the end of October, and the trees are still green. I don’t know where the barrels of leaves are coming from, I just know there are lots more to fall. My tomato plants are still happily making new tomatoes. I know they should be pulled out, but they’re still so exuberant.  And my lovely soft cozy sweaters are still in their plastic zipper bags.  Summer keeps drifting along and so do I.

However, November hovers in the offing and that’s my wake-up call.  I have lots of birthdays in November and while I don’t usually knit for those birthdays, both my sisters have milestone birthdays this year and I want to send them something I made.  Unfortunately, my younger sister, whom I adore and would knit her anything she wanted, doesn’t ever like what I knit, no matter how chic and black it is, so I’m sending her a pair of Cloud Nine Slippers from our recently finished class.  These slippers are really cute

but a lot of trouble to make – something happens every row and it’s really pay-attention knitting – so I feel that I put some effort into them as a present, and if she ends up giving them away or making dog toys out of them, at least it’s not a cashmere sweater.

I also finished a pair of Brother-In-Law socks to send along.  Mickey’s a gem and he loves crazy socks.  This was a new stripe-y color from Opal and I snagged one right away:

These I know will be worn and appreciated!

For my other sister, who does seem to like knitted things or at least has the grace to pretend she does, I’m making a cozy little cocoon, a scaled-down version of one I designed and taught a few years ago.  It’s not done yet so I can’t show you much.  This is the first half and all you can tell is that the fabric will be lovely.

It’s Plymouth’s DK Merino Superwash held with a strand of Kid Gloss lace weight mohair-silk, and it’s pretty darn yummy.  I’ll have it done this week, by hook or by crook, because there are so many, many, many, many things I want to knit for ME!

Here are a few things I’ve just added to my favorites, as I spent a couple precious hours trolling through the recent past on Ravelry to catch up with what I missed:


Theresa Schabes’ Escalator Wrap


Laura Aylor’s Brookhill


Susan Ashcroft’s Myssoni



Josee Paquin’s Cathedral Grove


Heidi Kirrmaier’s Avalanche


Thea Coleman’s Cranberry Gose


Maureen Clark’s Seeded Pullover


And about a hundred other things, big and small, easy or intricate.  Aren’t you happy to be a knitter????